History of Cupang Proper

Before the Spanish arrived in Balanga will have their own Cupang name, a name that comes from a tree. 

During the day, knowing the area for clues. Along the river-Talisay herein are signs that there was once a term used to place.

A boat upstream on the river-Talisay Puerto Rivas has since passed through several distinct landmarks, such as the huge chunk of rock or tree or even the color of sand.

In the case of Cupang, the signs here are full of Cupang found that at the end of Manalaotao Street, tends river. The tree is withered Cupang and eventually died fifty decades (1950's).

At the top of Cupang has another landmark tree, a large tree Calumpang. But the area is not known by the name Calumpang, but it is called Panilao, now covered by Pilar.

There is another phenomenon with the upper of Talisay River, Tamarind trees but the area is not known by the name Calumpang, but it is broken down and demolished houses.

Report no clear exactly when the Cupang established as a village. But a page of the book 'Back-Facilities', stated there is a Rufino Valdecañas the Cabeza of Cupang in 1770, adult 56 years after becoming a full pueblo Balanga.

If there Cupang Cabeza in such years, clearly identified the area as a village.

Followed Valdecañas Teodoro Ramirez as Cabeza in the year 1810.

There were some other names added to the list, as Angel Mendoza after the Cupang Cabeza became mayor of Balanga in 1904.

Others were Alejandro Guevara, Isaac Guevara, Mariano Ramirez, Paul Malixi, Cyril and Raymundo Pineda Valdecañas.

Not argue the meeting if Cupang declare that Puerto Rivas was first settled villages than Cupang.

But noted that Capitol, December 10, 1971, Cupang depart from the West and from Cupang as a village.

Established Cupang turn North on March 12, 1987. Because it had a new name Mother Barangay, was Cupang Proper.

Despite all this, Cupang Proper still remained village center. This is because in Cupang Proper Church of Santo Cristo, as well as the Cupang Elementary School.

Even in political matters, the Cupang Proper still has the largest size and even the number of people reaching to 7566, based on Census 2000. Cupang The North has 2,196 citizens and Cupang West 1887 population.

Right now is the only Cupang Proper Barangay has the largest marketplaces around Balanga, It was opened in 1998.